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Top 5 Arcade Shooting Games: The Nexus

That feeling of gun recoil. The sweaty palms facing the final boss for the umpteenth time. The pain of 'dying' in-game because you were slow to reload.

Few things entertain the same way gun shooter arcade machines in the 90s did. The arcade golden age demanded quick reflexes, precision, and expert timing from players to succeed. Here’s a 90s #throwback as we celebrate our top 5 light gun shooter games, all of which can be found in our latest Nexus Shooter Arcade Machine!


1. Time Crisis

A timeless spy classic so popular it spawned 4 sequels, players are part of the spy organisation V.S.S.E. (Vital Situation, Swift-Elimination) sent on hostage rescue missions.

Defining what it is to be mission critical, the game introduced smart concepts that deliver adrenaline pumping gameplay. Whether it's time limits to complete missions, combat scenarios in fast-moving vehicles like planes and trains, or cagey situations where you might end up (mis)firing at the hostage, we can't decide which aspect we enjoyed most in this series! 


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What we love: Because spies love operations hiding behind covers, the first edition does justice to the spy genre by also initiating the popular Cover System - players can duck behind cover to avoid enemy fire and reload their weapons using a foot pedal (or a button on the Nexus)! 


2. The House of the Dead 2

Probably the most beloved arcade shooter game within the Horror genre, The House of the Dead 2 is set against a scene of an outbreak of undead in Venice. Here, players follow the roles of two agents from a unit dedicated to fighting bio-engineered creatures.

Like any good undead story, it's all about fighting unending throngs of undead, zombies and monsters that appear out of nowhere, all while trying to rescue people. We enjoy the element of mystery, where one uncovers the truth behind the contagion as the story unfolds.

What we love: An interesting aspect of the game is where players get to choose different routes per stage and determine their own destiny. Featuring multiple levels and boss battles, we find it one of the most challenging arcade games of all time.


3. Point Blank (series)

Also known as Gun Bullet (or „ā¨„É≥„Éź„ɨ„ÉÉ„Éą, Gan Baretto), the 1994 game is full of humorous stages and uses¬†non-violent targets, making it a game for everyone. And it's not all just about precision. Each mini-challenge tests various shooting skills, whether it‚Äôs speed, pinpoint accuracy or quick judgment under pressure.

We fondly remember recoiling (literally) in horror after shooting bombs or hostages that cost us a few lives or credit! The game was so successful it birthed sequels, both of which you can find on the Nexus.

What we love: We call it the Bishi Bashi of light gun games because the Namco-developed game is hilarious, just like its Japanese counterpart. Whether it's trying to help Dr Dan and Dr Don escape cute skeletons or hitting crazed cuckoo clock chickens, the laughs certainly add to the overall gameplay! 


4. Area 51

Wanna prevent alien zombie infestation on earth? Area 51 lets you destroy the dastardly Kronn alien race in the 1995 classic! The shooter game gives you an array of weapons to choose from, starting with a semi-automatic pistol and is upgradable to five types of weaponry including machine guns and automatic shotguns that allow rapid fire modes. But be careful, the weapon is downgraded back to the pistol if your character is hit by the enemy!


What we love: Did you know that the game drops various ‚ÄėEaster Eggs‚Äô? Shooting different objects in the right sequence unlocks shooting exercises, weapons and bonuses unavailable in the main game plot, or teleport to other levels ala Super Mario!


5. The Maze of the Kings

Just like House of the Dead, but with Mummies. Players take on the role of 2 adventure seeking treasure hunters battling against mummies and Anubis skeleton warriors, all set in deserts and mazes of Egyptian pyramids.

We love how we get to wield a magical cane, and choose whatever kind of firepower to use for our characters, be it Light, Spark, or Fire. While we are unsure what the dead would want these earthly treasures for, we definitely enjoy battling King Tutankhamun and his minions! 

What we love: Whether its Egyptian hieroglyphs or the beautiful aurora-laced secret passages, we love the intricate graphics and attention to detail.


90s Shooter Arcade: Setting High Targets for Gaming 

Shooting arcade games have played a significant part in defining the golden age of arcade gaming. Even though FPS games dominate today's shooter gaming, there's just something satisfying about blasting targets with a gun! 

Gun games are also fun just due to their replayability, whether it's trying to beat that boss again to better your high score, lose fewer lives, or do it in the fastest time. 


Comprising the most Iconic and beloved arcade games of all time, the Nexus Shooter Arcade Machine revives those feelings of nostalgia by bringing the firefight right into the comfort of home.

With all the above-mentioned games in one single arcade machine, you can literally have the most bang for your buck! Visit our showroom to try out this game changer! 

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