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A Guide to Your First Retro Arcade Machine

Are you on the hunt for some arcade games machine? Perhaps you're building a home arcade in your man cave? Maybe you want to provide some company perks for your employees or simply bonding opportunities within your communities? Whatever the reasons, choosing the right arcade cabinet can bring you endless hours of enjoyment, making it a worthwhile investment. 

Now, let's get started on the fun bits.

Mario Stand Up Arcade            4 Player Stand Up Arcade Machine

First things first, what is the style of the machine you're looking for? Are you going for an old school retro vibe? Then the Stand Up Arcade Machine will definitely be up your alley. This is the traditional arcade machine in an upright position with controls for up to two players. More players? Simply upgrade it to the 4-Player version. But wait, the options do not end here! 

Ultimate DX Japanese Style Arcade Machine

Is Japanese style arcade your cup of matcha? Built with high quality specifications, the Next Game Ultimate DX Arcade Machine is an affordable "Japanese-style" arcade cabinet with more than 1000 retro arcade games. Think Street Fighter IV & V, Space Invaders, Pac-Man and lots more! The design also immediately transports you to the flashing lights in the game centres of your youth.

Artcade Wall Mounted Arcade Machine

Next up on the list is the wall-mounted arcade machines. You saw it right. WALL MOUNTED! Introducing the first wall-mounted arcade machine in Singapore, ARTCADE - This is perfect for the fashionable and the minimalist as this arcade machine leaves the smallest footprint in spaces. Perfect for homes and offices with limited space. And may we add, even more perfect for events as it can be easily transported, customised and mounted wherever you want it to be. It also comes with camera functions for capturing those fun Tik Tok moments. With the Android function, users can also freely customise their machines to even screen movies or play their favourite tunes or mobile games!

Coffee Table Retro Arcade Machine

Need something even more compact? The Coffee Table Arcade Machine keep things tight and nifty, bringing your favourite arcade games right to your table, literally. They come with a full 2-player end-end and side-by-side arcade game play so that two people can play at once. Its reinforced glass screen also protects the screen from spills and damage.

So here we are,  you're now all ready to shop your favourite arcade machines! Pop right over to our Arcade collection to take your pick!


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