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How Do I Take Care of My Pool Table?

Just became a happy new owner of a pool table?  Congratulations to joining the club! Like children, pool tables are an expensive addition to any household and should be treated as a new family member! It’s important to take care of your pool table to ensure that it lasts for a long time.

Here are a few useful tips to clean and assist you in keeping your pool table in good shape:

  1. Make use of a pool table cover when the table is not in use to avoid the cloth from decolouration or collecting dust.
  2. Clean pool table surfaces with a soft dampened cloth with either water or a non-corrosive wood polish.
  3. Brush your pool table with a table brush after to remove chalk dust. Brush the cloth from one end to the other, using soft strokes. Sticky tape can also be used to remove dust particles.
  4. Clean pockets with a soft dampened cloth using either water or a clear leather cleaner. Try not to drag your cue over the leather pocket.
  5. Clean balls with a ball cleaner, or detergent and water.
  6. Store cues in a cue rack, stand or case to prevent from warping and do not leave cue in extreme hot or cold temperature. Leaving it flat on pool table is fine as well.

Other points:

  • Do not use the table as a countertop – your pool table should be restricted to only playing pool! Avoid placing additional items (such as shopping bags) on the table as it causes damage to the felt. If you lack countertop space, consider purchasing a pool table with dining tops (convert pool table from fun into functional!)
  • Avoid moving your pool table – it is not recommended to move your table without a professional due to the table’s precision being levelled for its exact position.
  • No smoking near the table – cigarette butts and ashes results in a higher risk of damage to the pool table’s felt.
  • Do not sit, lean on or lift the pool table – this could place the table out of level or result in the misalignment of the table.
  • No drinks on the table – placing drinks on the rails can cause damage to the wood, as well as a higher risk of spilling which will further damage the tables felt and table board.
  • Avoid trying high-risk shots – these shots are likely to result in damage to the felt due to holes, marks and rips.
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