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How to play Shuffleboard?

Shuffleboard is a game that uses a long board and disks. In this game, players attempt to get their disks to the furthest point on the board without going over the edges or crossing the end line. CentrumLeisure is the regional distributor for Championship Shuffleboard, visit our showroom to try today!


Give each player or team four weighted metal disks. The discs should be marked to distinguish one side's pieces from the other side's pieces; however, the disks are usually marked with red or blue. There are only two sides; players play solo or in teams of two.


Start playing. Toss a coin to see who goes first. Have players or teams alternate sliding their disks across the table until all disks are cast. The goal of shuffleboard is to get your disk to the furthest point on the board while also trying to knock the other players’ disks off of the board. When playing table shuffleboard in teams, you may also try to knock your partner's disks into a higher scoring area.


Score the disks. If you are playing in teams, then only the player or team whose disks are furthest down the table scores points, and only those disks further down than the opponent's furthest disk score.

  • If a disk hangs over the far end of the table, it scores 4 points. If a disk crosses the far line without hanging over the far end, it scores 3 points. If a disk crosses the nearer scoring line, it scores 2 points. If a disk crosses the foul line, but no other lines, it scores 1 point.
  • If the disk touches or crosses any of the lines, it scores the value of the lower scoring area. Thus, if a disk has crossed the 3-point line but is still touching it, it scores only 2 points.
  • In some versions of table shuffleboard, a less skilled player scores 1 more point for a hanger or crossing the lines than a more skilled opponent does. You may observe this rule if you choose, just make sure to specify that this rule will be in effect before you start playing.


Retrieve the disks and start again. 

Whichever player or team won the last turn starts the next turn. In a 2-player game, the first player to either 11 or 15 points wins the game. In a team game, the first team to 21 points wins the game.


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