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Table Tennis Table Guide (Part 2): A Modern Pong Experience


In our Part 1 of our Beginners Guide, we shared about the basics of what to look out for when buying a table tennis table.

Next step, you'd want to explore features that promise a modern table tennis experience. In short, what makes a ping pong table great, beyond simply good?


Good vs Great: What Features Define Contemporary Table Tennis Tables?

Given advancements in technology, one might expect innovations to meet demands of the times, and it's no different from table tennis. With our the fast-paced lives, anything that gives us a breather or enhances our enjoyment and convenience are always welcome! 

Hence, we believe that regardless of casual or competitive play, modern table tennis tables offer features that relate to: 

  • Safety
  • Experience
  • Minimalism¬†¬†


1. Safety

Like any other sport, even a fun sport like table tennis comes with risks. Thankfully, modern pong table manufacturers are well aware that safety and fun don't have to be mutually exclusive.

Safety features can take the form of longer-term precautions like anti-glare coating, as well as short term ones like safety locks and corner pads. 


1. Anti-Glare Coating: A (Non-) Dazzling Performance

Imagine playing ping pong outdoors and squinting at your opponent's serve due to sun directly reflecting off the tabe into your eyes. While in this game of quick reflexes that might cost you points, the longer-term drawback could be worse - an eyesight hazard. Indeed, glare is an overlooked (pun unintended) aspect of table tennis. 

As such, the best outdoor table surfaces today are enhanced with anti-glare coating that ensure reflective rays are dampened, saving you points and more crucially, your vision.

We recommend outdoor tables like the Cornilleau 600X and 700X that come with a proprietary MATTOP or SOFTMAT finish that reduces glare tenfold and threefold respectively, ensuring that the only thing rebounding off the table is the ball.



2. Corner Protection Pads

Table tennis games are often fast-paced rallies. In the thick of the action - where the arm swings and stretches to return an opponent's stroke, or we lunge to save a point - there's a chance of our arms or hips accidentally knocking into the sharp corner of the edges. These sharp edges can pose a danger to the eyes or head for young kids who play around the table.

To prevent such injuries, table tennis tables installed with corner protection pads at the edges are worth your consideration. These rubber additions offer a soft buffer to any knocks, and do not affect game play. It's not worth getting injured for a situation that's avoidable.


3. Safety Locks

They aren't always conspicuous, but did you know that each table tennis table is require to have minimally 8 locking points to ensure it's safe? It's a feature worth you might want to insist on to ensure it doesn't crash when in an upright storage position That said, tables with narrow bases or poorly secured joints are still subject to collapsing. 

As such, brands like Cornilleau set modern benchmarks by going way beyond the standard in their DSI system, equipping most of their tables with a whopping 16 locking points! Highly recommended is the 600X that's equipped with this feature - this promises a host of safety advantages, such as blocking the table from crashing down at a high angle when unfolding, even when the handle no longer held.



B. Minimalism

In modern consumer culture, minimalism - or a spirit of 'less is more' - has inspired people to declutter.

With a focus on quality over quantity, it's little surprise to see the rise of table tennis tables that are minimalist in terms of i) space-saving function and ii) style.


1. Convertible Table Tennis Table 

To reduce clutter, 2-in-1 table tennis tables are popular space-saving gear, especially if you're in space-constrained workplaces and homes. 

Built to serve as conference tables by day, they transform into table tennis tables post-work or during breaks, eliminating the need for two dedicated furniture pieces.  

True to the concept of simplicity, the conversion process is likewise easy. As the table top already features a bounce-responsive surface, simply attach the net post, swap out work stationery for the paddles/balls stored in the built-in drawers, and you've a fully-functional office ping pong table within seconds.

We recommend the Roma Convertible Table Tennis Table for a relaxing game of pong to relax after a hard day of work. Converging purchases of play, work and dine purchases into one, it's a smart purchase for companies with minimalist ideals.    




2. Minimalist Style

If you can't make space, create the impression of it! Any furniture that's aligned with your interior design gives a spacious aesthetic because a consistent, clean look is achieved.

At Centrum Leisure, one of our goals is to source for game tables that are versatile in style. And the Origin Table Tennis Table is a great example of this.

By offering clean lines with its slim profile, Moabi Wood legs, and monochromatic profile, this dining table disguised with excellent play functions does not look out of place in modern decor themes such as Scandinavian, Industrial, or Contemporary. 



C. Ergonomics - And Why It's Important

Besides saving time and space, don't we also love saving effort? After a hard day at work, the last thing you want is for source of leisure to be energy consuming! 

Closely related to functionality is ergonomics, where a user's body experience are as important as the feature itself.


1. Feet and Net Adjustors

We speak from experience when we say it can be tedious to ensure a level table height for accurate play. While most models have built-in height adjusters, it can be uncomfortable when lifting the table slightly to adjust the height, and repeating this operation several times in a row for each foot can be a pain!


So here's an energy-saving solution where you can expend it playing instead of tinkering. Opt for tables that come with dial adjusters where turning avoids direct contact with the ground, so there is no need to lift the foot up. The system is also more accurate, allowing for micro-adjustments that save you the trouble of repeating the process multiple times. 


2. Portable Oversized Double Wheels 

Urban spaces often means vertical living and transportation upstairs, as well as frequent movement rearrangements to maximise spaces. Portability is especially important for recreational players who may have limited space or need to move the table frequently.

The larger the wheel in proportion to the table, the easier it is to maneuver the table.

Going for extra large diameter (200 mm), wide (32/38mm) ultra-robust wheels offers multi-benefits such as easy movement over uneven surfaces (steps, gravel etc.) as well as greater load-bearing capacity.



Not only do Cornilleau feature wheels of such sizes, their wheel bracket placement also links the two wheels at the very spot where there are the greatest mechanical stresses for added durability.


3. Convenience - Storage and Automatic Net Posts 

It might seem like a superfluous feature, but storage spaces are often overlooked.

It's no fun trying to find balls or paddles misplaced as you're gearing up for a game, nor is it enjoyable to stuff balls your pocket and or hold several in your hand while playing. 

Besides containers to hold rackets and bottles (so you need not head off to grab a drink at intervals), some tables also offer quick retrieval ball dispensers to ensure you always have a ball in hand. 





An Experience that's More than a Game 

Over the decades, there have been many table tennis tables produced. While fun is guaranteed with ping pong, why not seek a richer experience by investing in a table that epitomises qualities such as safety, space-saving, and style and user-centricity?

At first glance, table tennis tables with such features may seem more expensive than others.

However, you can always choose tables with specific features you need. For example, because many cheap versions don't prioritise safety (and should thus be avoided), selecting tables with safety in mind won't break the bank.

Besides, elements such as safety, enjoyment and energy are things money can't buy - so why not pay a little extra in the short run for longer term gains like health, time, and more memorable experiences? 


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