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How do you find the right pool table size for your room?

How do you find the right pool table size for your room?

    1. Consider the Cue Length

      You should take into account the length of your cue stick when choosing the size of your pool table. You can’t play if the end of your cue is constantly banging into walls or other furniture. At CentrumLeisure, we have a wide range of cue length from 32” all the way to 57”.



      • SEVEN FOOT TABLE: 3.5' X 7'
        (Playing area: 38" x 76")
        48" Length Cue - 11' 6" x 14' 6" / 350cm x 442cm
        52" Length Cue - 12' x 15' / 366cm x 457cm
        58" Length Cue - 13' x 16' / 396cm x 488cm
      • EIGHT FOOT TABLE: 4' X 8'
        (Playing area: 44" x 88")
        48" Length Cue - 12' x 15' 6" / 366cm x 472cm
        52" Length Cue - 12' 6" x 16' / 381cm x 488cm
        58" Length Cue - 13' 6" x 17' / 411cm x 518cm
      • NINE FOOT TABLE: 4.5' X 9'
        (Playing area: 50" x 100")
        48" Length Cue - 12' 6" x 16' 6" / 381cm x 503cm
        52" Length Cue - 13' x 17' / 396cm x 518cm
        58" Length Cue - 14' x 18' / 427cm x 549cm

      57” to 58” is the standard cue length. The longer the cue, the more space you’ll need. If you want to stay flexible, a good rule of thumb is to use these calculations to determine how big your playable area needs to be:

      • Playable length = playing length + (cue length x 2)
      • Playable width = playing width + (cue length x 2)
        2. Mark out

          Once you figure out the minimum dimensions required for your table, it’s time to map out the room to make sure it will fit. Double-checking the right pool table size for your room is easy by using some masking or painter’s tape to mark on the floor where the corners of the table will be.

          Then try out your pool-playing stance over the area and see if you’re going to have enough room.

            3. Choose the right table

              Once you have decided on the right pool table size for your room, create your very own dream game room with CentrumLeisure. Visit the biggest game table showroom in Singapore - we've got over 20 pool tables, 12 soccer tables, jukeboxes, arcade machines for your selection!



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