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Room Size Guide: Your 3-step guide to the right pool table size

Finding a right pool table size shouldn’t be down to guesswork. Afterall, buying a pool table is a worthy investment - you’ll want the best playing comfort by dedicating the right space. Find out how in 3 easy steps! 

1. Calculate the space required: Regardless of pool table size, simply remember the magic number of 5ft as the ideal perimeter around the table:
    • Length needed = Table length + 5’ + 5’
    • Width needed = Table width + 5’ + 5’

      So if you have an 8 x 4 ft table, you’ll need a 18ft (8’ + 5’ +5’) long x 14ft (4’ + 5’ + 5’) wide space.  (Note: the standard width of a table is half its length)


      2. No space? Simply use shorter cues! As the above assumed a standard cue length of 57”, using a shorter 48” cue for tighter wall shots allows you to deduct 1’ from each side of the perimter. 

      Using the same 8ft table example, the requirement would thus be a 16ft (8' + 4’ + 4’) x 12ft (4” + 4’ + 4’) area, which means you'll need less space overall.

      For the best playing experience, we also offer clients options of shorter cues of 48" and 52" at no charge!


       3. Mark Out 

      Once you figure out the minimum dimensions required for your table, it’s time to map out the room to make sure it will fit. Double-checking the right pool table size for your room is easy by using some masking or painter’s tape to mark on the floor where the corners of the table will be.

      Then try out your pool-playing stance over the area and see if you’re going to have enough room.


      If you're still unsure, simply call us for a phone consultation with our pool specialists. Check out our buyer's guide for more info on how to select your pool table, as well as our wide variety of pool tables based on your specs!


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