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Entertainment that's Easy: Game Table Ergonomics

From pool tables to foosball, the perfect home leisure environment often focuses on functionality and aesthetics.

However, ergonomics is an essential element that's sometimes overlooked, where comfort, proper physique and safety can greatly enhance the playing experience. 


What is ergonomics about?

Be it sitting in an unnatural position, facing sharp or unsafe parts, or staring at a screen for too long, gaming can sometimes lead to discomfort, fatigue or even injuries.

Enter ergonomics, which is design with the intent of reducing these pitfalls. Be it arcade, pool or foosball tables, any game table can be well-designed to confer benefits such as comfort, right posture and safety. We delve into some of our most ergonomic game tables on offer!  


1. Prime II: Retro Arcade in Comfort  

Intentionally designed for comfort, we love how the Prime II allows players to sit down in comfort and play when at rest. The Japanese sit-down style allows players to maintain a neutral posture, minimising strain on the back, neck, and shoulders. 


Unlike most vertically flat arcade cabinets that force one to hunch to reach the joystick panel, the Prime II was also intentionally designed to offer deeper leg room. This means indulging in gameplay with the freedom of leg movement and being as close to the panel as he or she desires. 

While its wide, angled 27" screen means you‚Äôll not need to tilt your head to unnatural positions nor squint, there‚Äôs¬†also a volume button to make sure that your ‚ÄėHadoukens‚Äô are perfectly placed - both for the opponent and for your ears!¬†


2. Fusiontable Dining Pool Table: Flexible Pool Play 

The tension for dining pool tables has always been finding the balance between a taller (for playing) and lower (for eating) height. And unique to this table, the Fusiontable features a proprietary lift-lever mechanism that easily shifts the table between 2 heights - one for dining and one for pool - in seconds.


Showcasing Aramith's status as a company at the forefront of sport and technology, this innovation helps you say goodbye to arched backs when playing, and strained necks when dining! 

The Fusiontable further features streamlined legs that aren’t just cosmetic, but its minimalist setup means more space overall. Vertically it offers more legroom, while horizontally it accords extra space to help seat 8-10 people comfortably for a perfect dining experience. 



3. Aston II Foosball Table: Have a (Kids-)Friendly Match

Accidents and injuries can quickly dampen the joy of home leisure activities. While proper table dimensions and layout ensure that players have enough safe space to move around freely, the item itself could possibly also cause injury.

With the Aston II’s non-protruding ('Telescopic') rods, you need not worry about potential accidents where one can end up injuring others on the opposing side, especially kids if you have kids around the place.



Besides player-side ball returns that help players avoid stretching to collect the ball on the front, it also features well-designed grip handles with appropriate weight distribution that ensure a natural grip and maneuverability, reducing the risk of hand and wrist fatigue. 

With no¬†better test than a literal hands-on experience, clients have feedback that the grip feels ‚Äėlighter‚Äô than even tournament tables!¬†



4. The Tribeca-M: Safe Surface, Durable design

For all its minimalistic beauty, the Tribeca-M is constructed with curved, smooth corners on both the surface and sides that enhance safety. 



Its double-braced legs adds to its sturdy construction, conferring stability that prevents tables from tipping over during intense gameplay and avoiding potential accidents.




When it comes to setting up a home leisure area, ergonomics should be a priority. By considering the principles of ergonomics - whether it’s improved comfort, physique or safety - such seemingly small decision can transform your leisure activities into more enjoyable and worry-free experiences, as it should be!

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