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Should You Get a Convertible Dining Pool Table?


By now, most people embrace a duality of the home to be a Work-from-home space as much as a living space. Whether working or living space, we've gotten used to spending more time in our homes.


Yet, the modern home can offer so much more than being just a place to work or live in. As hard as we work at home, we can also play as hard by intentionally carving out a space to have fun, be it on our own or alongside friends and family. In short, could we play-from-home? 



To make our living more 'living' than it is, having a pool table right in the comfort of home definitely elevates the mood and style of the place.

Pool offers a great activity in the comfort of home, especially for those who enjoy hosting friends for dinner. It's fun right at your doorstep, where you create new experiences and build memories. For families, pool offers hands-on play and encourages social interaction in an age where play is increasingly centered on the digital. 

Of course, one immediate objection of having a pool table at home is that it's impractical. Having space for it, and whether it looks out of place against the interior style are common (and totally understandable!) concerns. 


More than just a pool table 

Which is why dining pool tables - pool tables that come with a table top and are easily convertible to dining tables - are increasingly popular options these days. These versatile tables offer the best of both worlds of play and dine, and help mitigate some of the challenges stated above.

Here, we share the key advantages and challenges of owning a dining pool tables, which we hope will help you decide it if's worth considering for your space.



1. Space-saving: The most visible advantage of a convertible dining pool table is its transformable design, and its flexible range of sizes.

  • A 2-in-1 helps save space in smaller spaces like homes by doubling up as a dining or study table, since the latter usually takes up substantial space in the house.¬†And it¬†doesn't just save space - busy folks will appreciate the time-saving aspect as it easily switches functions in seconds by simply removing the top cover (in 3-4 pieces for easy lifting).¬†
  • And if you aren't looking for competition sized (9 foot) tables, you‚Äôll be glad to know that dining pool tables¬†also come in form-fitting alternatives such as 6ft -¬† 8ft or even custom sizes.¬†

2. Dedicated Dining Design: While space-saving is great, the biggest benefit of a dining pool table lies in its intentional dual-use design elements.

  • With table height being a key factor, dining pool tables are adjusted to lower acceptable ranges (about 75cm) for comfort during meals.
  • Pool tables are also typically built with thick cabinets and wide legs, resulting in narrower leg space for seated guests. Fret not, because the dining pool tables we have are designed with thinner frames while the legs are tucked at the corners. Hence our tables can comfortably accommodate a minimum of 8 people.

3. Aesthetics: If you enjoy creating a home with a consistent theme, you’ll be glad to know that most dinings pool tables are aesthetically flexible.

  • Dining pool tables come with various designs to match contemporary home interiors such as Industrial or Scandinavian themes. Dining pool tables help conceal the true identity and it looks just like any other table when it is covered!¬†
  • But seamless blending in doesn‚Äôt mean dining pool tables can‚Äôt look outstanding. Most come in excellent finishes using quality materials such as Oak, Aspen, or steel, making them a head-turning centerpiece. And you still can‚Äôt find what you like, you could opt for bespoke designs with a myriad of finish options to match the interior designs of your homes.

4. Safety: Unlike standard pool tables, dining pool tables come with a top, which offers natural protection from ears, dents in the surface, rails and cloth especially if you have children or pets!. Buying a dining pool table essentially means purchasing a natural protection cover.  




While a convertible pool dining table is great for homes, they may come with some slight downsides depending on your playing habits and style.

Even though playing height has been adjusted for dining, it might still be slightly high for dining. You could opt for accompanying benches or higher chairs, although this might be more suitable for adults.  

A dual-use table means spills might occur and possibly reach the playing surface between the gaps in the table top. There are however ways to protect your dining pool table, such as using the supplied table cover or choosing a Slate table. Check out this guide on how to care for dining pool table and pool table. 




Overall, dining pool tables are increasingly popular with their qualities of being practical (space-saving, dedicated dining design) and stylish. Through technological advancements, they are similar to standard tables without compromising on style, which clearly favour their use within homes.

At Centrum Leisure, we have Singapore's largest showroom of pool tables. Explore our range of dining pool tables that cater to different styles, spaces and budgets. And if you prefer standard, non-dining designs to get a dedicated pool experience with classic look and feel, we also offer plenty of options to choose from too! 


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