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Should You Get a Convertible Pool Dining Table?

A convertible pool dining table is a highly versatile addition to any home especially with space constraints. With the capability to transition from a pool table to a dining table, a convertible table immediately increases a room’s functionality and flexibility.

However, these space-saving game room tables aren’t always the better option when compared to their non-convertible counterparts. While convenient, the transformable nature of convertible pool tables comes with some certain disadvantages. Depending on your space, you may be able to overlook them.


The greatest advantage of a convertible dining pool table is its transformable design. Because a convertible dining pool table is essentially functions in one, it can be a great way to save space in smaller homes and residences.

A dining pool table combination is also aesthetically flexible. As fun as they are, a game table’s presence can immediately designate a room as "recreational," which isn’t always preferable. A convertible pool table can conceal its true identity by hiding its transformation ability and have meals without compromise.

You might also consider a convertible pool dining table if you have children or pets. The regular pool table although durable, but also vulnerable to damage from misuse and abuse. Over time, tears and dents in the wood, and other forms of damages can cause a table to be compromised. However, by purchasing a combination dining pool table, you can protect your billiard table by covering the top in plain sight. As a result, children and pets will be less likely to damage it.


While a convertible pool dining table is a great way to boost space conservation in your home, these transformable tables do come with some certain downsides. While not every convertible table will suffer from the same cons, knowing about them will help you decide whether or not a dining pool table combination is suitable for you.

The main downside of convertible pool tables is their transformable design. In order to be convertible, many tables avoid standard billiard table features and specifications in favor of compact, form-fitting alternatives. As a result, some convertible dining pool tables might not offer a full billiards experience.

That said, some pool table manufacturers are dedicated to offer the best of both worlds in one package (Such as Aramith Fusion Table and Holiday Dining Pool Table). If you’re looking for a convertible pool dining table that can provide a genuine billiards experience, check these tables out. It’s also worth evaluating the table’s dimensions to ensure that they meet your expectations; sometimes, dining pool combination tables can be smaller than traditional billiard tables or irregularly sized. At CentrumLeisure, we have convertible tables of different sizes, weights and finishes to match the interior designs of your homes.


All pool tables whether convertible or not are made of varying materials, many of which can either positively or negatively influence the quality of play. Therefore, it is important to scrutinize a pool table’s build quality.

Slate / Marble Playing Surface

A pool table’s surface is one of its most formative components. The most flat surfaces are typically made of slate, while cheaper, less precise table surfaces are made with materials like wood. Wood although is less precise however offers flexibility to shift the convertible tables because its lighter in weight. Slate tables are extremely heavy although its plays with more precision. At CentrumLeisure, our Holiday Table offers both wood, slate and composite material for your selection. Composite material is more dense than wood but lighter than slate so as to achieve “best of both worlds” for our customers.

Quality Rails

The rails of convertible pool tables often double as supports for the table's dining top, so a transformable table’s rails can literally make-or-break it. If the rails are made from poor quality materials other than hardwood, they could eventually compress and crack under the pressure of the dining surface.


At CentrumLeisure, our broad selection of dining pool combination tables is sure to excite friends and family alike. Shop with us today and add fun to your dining room!

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