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office break out area singapore

Play Hard, Work Hard: Office Breakout Areas

Whether its to relax, play or hold informal meetings, employees or visitors love a break-out space that's separate from the usual work area. It's no secret that fun, creative spaces can spur new ideas and build company camaraderie. Spruce it up further with games to create an employee culture that plays as hard as it works! 

Check out and be inspired by our customer's break-out area! Product links can be found below.

 A turn table jukebox to create a relaxing ambiance. Play music via vinyls, CDs, or even via bluetooth.

Here's a nifty 3-in-1 pool table that converts into a table tennis table or a dining table when not in use. Needless to say, this flexible fella is popular choice amongst customers (especially office multi-taskers, no less). 

Why settle for pantry football trash talking when you can beat your colleagues in foosball? Prove team loyalty on this vintage ash-wood finish soccer table that's also perfect for the upcoming 2022 World Cup!  

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