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Cornilleau 700X Indoor / Outdoor Table Tennis Table

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Ready to step up your game?  Consider our 700X outdoor ping pong table, whose bold lines, versatility and range of features make it unrivaled.  When it comes to quality of play, its rebound is equivalent to that of a competition table, offering you a fighting chance to up your game.  Add in the best available technology and a simple match of ping pong becomes a full-on professional playing experience.


Cup holder 

Nothing is better than having a refreshing drink at the ready while you're playing ping pong, but the last thing you want is for your glass to be knocked over during the heat of the game.  In designing the fold-away cup holders for the 700X ping pong table, as with all of the storage features in our tables, our team drew inspiration from customer suggestions.

Point Counters

Who will be first to rack up eleven points and win the game? Now everyone will know the score - with no room for cheaters! If you prefer not to use the point counters, simply flip them away under the table. 

Height - and tension-adjustable automatic net 

Unfold the 700X ping pong table and it's immediately ready for play.  The net posts move into position automatically when you unfold the table.  Select the right height for your game using the dial at the base of the net, and then adjust the tension simply by pulling the string and blocking it with the clasp.  Voila!  Your net is perfectly adjusted, and you're all set to play. 


The 700X ping pong table includes a host of great storage features.  You can store paddles, balls, your smartphone and whatever else is in your pockets in the accessory holders on the sides of the table.  There's even room for a small bottle of water for when you get thirsty.  No need to go off in search of balls during the game - just take a new ball from the conveniently located dispenser.  Every detail has been designed for maximum comfort and simplicity. 

Simple height adjustment 

The 700X ping pong table is equipped with an innovative system that makes its feet easy to adjust.  Simply turn the collar to set your table to the right level.  

Competition-standard rebound quality 

With its 8mm-thick resin laminate playing surface, the 700X ping pong table lets you play like a pro without leaving your garden.  The thicker the panel, the better the bounce.  The 700X table offers unrivaled playing quality for an outdoor leisure table. 

Anti-glare coating 

To play at the top of your game, you need to make sure you can play in the sun without being blinded by glare. The MATTOP finish absorbs the intensity of the sun’s rays and reduces their glare tenfold compared with an uncoated table. The only thing that will leave you blinded is the superior quality of your forehand and backhand shots ! 

Corner protection pads 

To soften sharp edges and cushion any knocks or bumps, corner pads have been fitted on the 700X ping pong table.

Four brakes 

With four brakes, the 700X ping pong has unrivaled stability. These brakes significantly reduce the risk of your table moving while in the storage and playing positions.


Colors of tops

Black 113402

Playing surface

8mm Ultra Durable Black Resin Laminate



Frame height

60 mm / Aluzinc¬ģ painted black

Locking system

DSI (16 points)

Compact Technology


Leg type / dimensions

Tapered - 110~65 - 65 mm / 4~3 - 3 inches painted black   

Adjustable leg pad

3D adjustable / diam.104 mm / 4 inches

Net type


Adjustable net

Tension + Height

Wheel type

Special outdoor double wheels (oversized)

Wheels (thickness x diameter)

32 x 200 mm / 1.25 x 8 inches



Ball Storage

Yes / 6 balls

Racket storage

Yes / 4 paddles

Corner protection pads


Additional features

2 point counter

2 storage compartments

2 retractable cup holders

2 ball dispensers

1 crossing handle

Category (European Standards)

EN 14468 - C CLASS


FFTT leisure

Table weight

89 kg / 196 lbs.

Packaged weight

102 kg / 225 lbs.


10-year warranty on table top, 1-year on non-wearing parts (excludes wheels, net and post, bats etc.)

Open table dimension

2740(L) x 1525(W) x 760(H) mm

Folded table dimension 

1610(L) x 740(W) x 1555(H) mm



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  • 10-year warranty on table top and 1-year warranty on all non-wearing parts (excl. wheels, net and posts, bats, cover etc.) 


  • Prices are inclusive of delivery and installation, no hidden delivery cost.
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About Cornilleau

We wish to offer a unique and fun gaming experience to everybody. Always! To achieve this, Cornilleau develops products of the highest standards, and relies on the expertise of great Champions, strategic partners and our expert team to conceive and test our novelties.


le bonhomme micheloin et une perosne entrain de regarder une raquette de ping pong

Mastered know-how

Cornilleau is developing in the global market place thanks to high quality, innovative products with a distinctive design. Through the development of Compact laminates panels’ allowing Ping to be played outdoors to the patented ‘Compact Technology’ folding concept and the ‘DSI’ safety system, we raised the ergonomics, safety and design of tables to the top.

All Cornilleau tables are developed and manufactured in France, within the very hub of the business, in Bonneuil-les-Eaux in the Oise department (Picardy), the Cornilleau family’s native village.

The research and development laboratory is also located here at the heart of the factory: ‘Made in France’ gray matter intended to devise, design and manufacture all the products for today and tomorrow.


une prsence mondiale table de ping pong cornilleau seattle

Since the creation of our first table in 1968 we have been developing and constantly improving the competitiveness of our product range, allowing us to reach the global market and leverage international growth.
Today Cornilleau is a leader in the Table Tennis market, available in 75 countries on the 5 continents.
While strengthening our leading position in Europe, the company has successfully conquered new markets such as the USA, Brazil, South Korea… From Seattle port to the Burj Khalifa and the bustling city center of London, Cornilleau products pop up in the most unexpected and prestigious places.
To offer the best services to every customer across the world, we rely on our extensive network of specialized distributors.


Jean-Philippe Gatien champion du monde de tennsi de table et champion olympique

World champion, double Olympic medalist and ambassador of the Cornilleau brand since 1993, Jean-Philippe Gatien is in charge of the Team Cornilleau.
Guiding our young athletes in their quest for excellence by sharing with them his experience at the pinnacle of top competition and giving them an honest perspective on all the various performance levers. Adding genuine value to sponsorship at Cornilleau, the support of athletes is very much at the heart of the brands concerns and is Jean-Philippe’s top priority.


michelin moto grand prix

Michelin is a world champion across multiple series (Formula 2, Moto, Rally, 24 heures du Mans) owing its leadership to a cutting edge research in rubber performance. Therefore, Michelin is a strategic partner for Cornilleau to develop the most advanced racket rubbers on the market.

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