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Fun meets Functionality: 5 Things to Consider When Buying a Dining Pool Table


So you’ve decided that a dining pool table is worth exploring. We'd previously explored reasons Why you could consider buying a convertible dining pool table; this guide focuses on What you should look out for in one.

All dining pool tables come with a convertible table top and are built with practicality in mind, incorporating design elements as slightly lowered height for dining.

However, they nonetheless vary widely in size, design, materials, and features to fit various home requirements.  So how do you decide when so many options abound? Some of these purchase considerations include the following, which we explore in detail below: 

  • Size
  • Playing Surface Material
  • Aesthetics
  • Durability
  • Location
  • ¬†


    1. Size

    Convertible dining pool tables not only save space with their convertible tops - they are typically offered in smaller sizes too.

    If you've got tight spaces in homes or office pantries, consider getting a dining pool tables that are 5ft or 6ft. If you have adequate space, 7ft or 8ft options strike a great balance between play, dining experience and compactness. No surprises that they remain our more popular dining pool table sizes.

    If you're focusing on the dining experience, smaller tables also offer reduced interaction proximity. As guests aren't too far away when seated, it is easier to converse across the table or share food.  

    If you have many guests, you might also require a bigger table. While smaller tables can comfortably fit 6 pax, select a tables size 7ft and above should you need to cater for 8 - 10 diners. Do keep in mind that dining pool table measurements should take dining chair width into account too. 


    2. Playing Surface Material

    All pool tables are made of either slate, wood or composite material. If you're worried about spills, you might prefer slate given that it's made of a marble material that protects the playing area from water damage. A slate surface also allow for cloth replacement, which means you’ll get to upkeep your pool table for decades. 

    Wooden play surfaces offer a good alternative, although wood tables aren't all the same. While Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) tables are subject to warpage over time, High Density Fibreboard (HDF) tables are more durable than MDF. Being being more cost-effective than slate, HDF tables strike a great balance between quality and cost, and are found in our Holiday range of tables. 

    Wood tables are also lighter, so if you have plans to shift furniture around sometimes, you’ll enjoy the benefits of mobility they bring to the table (pun intended). 


    3. Aesthetics

    A dining pool table will probably be the focal point in your home. As such, you may want a design that complements your existing decor but also has its own distinct flavour. Dining pool tables are designed as pieces of furniture as much as recreational items and offer an wider array of options over standard pool tables. Made for the modern home, they usually come in contemporary and minimalist styles. 

    • Finishes¬†in a range of¬†material and colours can be used to blend into the interior style. Natural wood finishes like Oak or Aspen are timeless and warm, thus complementing Scandinavian interiors. On the other hand, steel or dark coloured finishes project a raw, industrial look which are perfect if you‚Äôre looking for one to fit a Bachelor pad.¬†
    • Design elements such as cabinet slimness and legs can also define how distinctive it is as a centerpiece. A slim cabinet means a thinner frame and clean lines that exude¬†a sleek look. Many dining pool tables also feature legs sited at the corners (rather than a chunk in the middle) to project a clean, minimalist aesthetic. Designs could also feature unique elements if you truly want a head-turner.¬†For example, check out the Kingston Dining Pool Table, our latest model¬†that literally offers a twist to a typical leg design!¬†

    Finally, don’t forget that customisable options are also available. Tailor the design to your style to come up with something that is not found anywhere else, one you can truly call your own!


    4. Durability 

    A dining pool table is a long-term investment and serves various functions (even as a study table), so it’s worth purchasing one that's enduring. 

    • Material: Tables constructed from durable materials such as¬†hardwoods like Oak and Maple help it stand the test of time.¬†In addition, look for a pool table with durable rails and joints as they are crucial in helping to support the heavy table top.¬†
    • Construction: Since the table is intended for regular use, be sure to check¬†that the frame and legs of the pool table are sturdy and well-constructed to support the weight of the table. The best way to do so? Try the set for yourself¬†in¬†a showroom for a feel test.¬†

    Compared to standard pool tables, dining pool tables are more 'transferable' due to their design flexibility. A durable one will probably have a higher resale value should you ever decide to sell or upgrade your dining pool table. 


     5. Outdoor or Indoor 

    If you plan to play at home, most indoor dining models would suffice. But if you imagine bringing the social experience outdoors, go straight for one that's designed from scratch as an all-weather dining pool table. 

    An outdoor dining tables needs to fulfil a remarkable number of qualities! It has to have weather- resistance to allow them to be permanently left outdoors without worry of water or sun damage across 4 areas (Frame, Play surface, Table top, Cloth). The challenge exponentially multiplies when adding in the requirement of lightweight material for easy conversion as well as mobility.

    The Hyphen Outdoor Dining Pool Table is a technological marvel, going where no other pool table maker has done before by fulfil two contrasting requirements - portability and weather proofing - in one table.  To top it off, it's all wrapped up in an eye-catching, minimalist design. 

    Converging into a ‚ÄėLifestyle‚Äô concept (outdoor¬†+ dining + play), French makers Cornilleau¬†are truly leaders in this space.



    Dining pool tables are increasingly popular due to their space-saving and aesthetic designs that suit modern homes. It all depends on your requirements of size, play surface material, aesthetics, durability and location, a combination of which will ultimately determine the type of table you purchase.


    Where can I buy a Dining Pool Table?

    Explore our Dining Pool Tables at Singapore's largest pool table showroom, with over 15 tables on display! With various sizes across 6ft - 9ft and a wide variety of modern finishes, be spoilt for choice with our range of 2-in-1 convertible billiard tables.

    Make a trip down to experience them for yourself, including some of the best dining pool tables from top brands like Aramith, Cornilleau and Brunswick, as well as our locally designed models. 

    And if you prefer standard, non-dining designs with classic look and feel, we offer plenty of options to choose from, too.


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