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The Rise of Barcades: Bar + Arcade

It' Friday evening. You and your friends enter a music joint for a chill post-work hangout. You enjoy the live band belting out a classic Bon Jovi tune, but you can't help but feel something's missing. 

Maybe you're looking for something to do, a challenge to complete, an interaction that goes beyond just conversation. What do you do? You head to a nearby Barcade. 


What are Barcades?

Few things pair better than video games and beer.  And this has certainly not gone unnoticed by restauranteurs, who have started impressive game-bar hybrids that pair hands-on fun with F&B!

Enter Barcades - a portmanteau of 'Bar' and 'Arcade'. These establishments are a fusion of elements of a bar with those of an arcade, a place where collection of alcoholic drinks meet fun game machines.


What's Great About Barcades?

While a night out at the club or a live-music joint is great, there isn't a great deal of competitive thrill nor a platform to complete a mission alongside friends, all done over a drink. This unique concept of a fun and interactive atmosphere makes the Barcade a refreshing change from traditional bars or nightclubs, offering a memorable night out that is pure experiential.

Besides, there's something for everyone. Choose to battle it out on a galore of party games like basketball machines, racing games, and boxing arcade machines. Or re-live the good ol' days of Street Fighter or Metal Slug with retro arcade cabinets. Get away from the crowd for awhile with solo games that evoke a sense of 90s' nostalgia.

Regardless of your favourite type of game, just don't forget to have that couple of beers, whether to up the ante or as a celebratory toast! 

Check out our customer's Barcade which features a wall mounted arcade machine, pool table and arcade style soccer table!



What events are best held at Barcades? 

Barcades are a great post-work or weekend hangout spot. But beyond the casual visit on a weekend, Barcades are the perfect place to host events.

It's great for birthday parties, with a wide variety of games that aren't limited to one gender and where both male and female guests can enjoy. It's also the perfect place for a stag night, promising some good, clean fun with the boys. 

For corporates, Barcades typically offer bookings of the entire venue for employee bonding sessions. Beyond helping to foster teamwork, party games offer benefits of relieving all that work stress whilst pitching your company as a fun and exciting place to be in!

Many Barcades also host tournaments, or themed nights, adding an extra layer of excitement to the experience. These events can range from gaming competitions to themed costume parties, providing even more reasons to visit.


Barcades - an-all-in one Unique Bar Concept for all

Overall, Barcades offer a fun and nostalgic experience that appeal to a wide range of people, making them a popular choice for a night out with friends, colleagues, or as a unique date spot.

If you're the (potential) owner of a Barcade, do hit us up - we might just have for some arcade machine game ideas to help you realise your Barcade dream!

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