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5 Types of Foosball Players To Avoid!

Foosball can be endless fun, but there’s always that type of player that you would honesty want to avoid for a match! Here are 5 types of players you probably don't want to meet in a table football game, along with some official rules to know.  


1. The ‘Spinner’

Don’t we all love the spinner, whose hands profusely roll each handle, hoping for a lucky ball bounce to lead them to victory? While this phenomena is mostly confined to kids, don’t rule out adults doing it too!

Spinning - defined as spinning the rods more than 360 degrees before or after striking the ball - isn’t just illegal play, it’s ineffective -  doing so means the player won’t be in the correct rotation nor direction to block the opponent or aim the ball.



2. The ‘Hulk’

When the ball magically moves out of your control by an external force, you might have just met the ‘Hulk’, one who lifts the table or Hulk-smashes the side of the walls with the rods to ‘jar’ the ball loose from you! 

In official terms, these are ‘Jarring’ offenses where the one gains an unfair advantage by influencing the ball. It’s hard to prevent this, except perhaps getting heavier tables like the Elite Tournament Foosball Table, an official ITSF competition soccer table with added stability from its weight as a deterrence!





3. The ‘Quick Pick'

Ever conceded a goal to the 'Quick Pick' who didn't bother to wait for you to get back on the rods after you’ve just served the ball? Bet you didn’t know that in the official rules, the opposing team of a server can only shoot the ball after it has touched two players.

Of course, most casual players won’t make a deal of a ‘Fastest Fingers First’ advantage, but hey, waiting for your opponent to settle always makes for a fairer, more courteous game!


4. The ‘Slow Poke’

Like playing a game of chess, the time waster meticulously analyses every move, and are often so engrossed in their thoughts that they forget that the game’s actually happening in real-time. Foosball’s a fast and furious game, so continuous play with minimal disruptions is always welcome. 

Did you know that officially, players can only keep possession between the goalie and 3-man defense within a 15-sec limit? While this rule can be ignored for casual play, dallying can still irritate others. Alternatively, consider getting soccer tables with ramps (like the Aston II Foosball Table) that allow for the ball to constantly move and not get stuck at the sides or corners.




5. The ‘Contact Player’ 

While uncommon, it's possible for unaware folks to engage in 'Contact Sport' with foosball tables! Take care that protruding rods don't poke the opposing players by accident, especially if you have young kids whose faces are level with the rods. So yes, Foosball can result in injury! 

These accidental plays during a frenzied game can happen. For safer foosball tables in the home, choose those with telescopic rods that do not protrude out, such as the Stadium Foosball Table.


Reasonable Rules.

While rules do govern the game, not everyone is expected to know all these foosball rules or etiquette, nor are they all required - it really depends on whether you're playing casually or in a competition. 

End of the day, having a healthy dose of respect for other players is always the best policy, whether you're  official rules may or may not apply,

Exploring a range of foosball tables intended for competition or casual play? Check out our foosball table buyers guide to find the best type of table soccer table for your playing needs.

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