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#Play From Home

Mr J. visited our showroom and told us his desire to have create a "Play" area in his house with arcade games but also minimalistic design so that the room would not feel so cluttered. Aesthetics of the game machines is important and we told him that would not be a problem! 

We recommended a few items and after waiting for about 6 weeks, the custom made items are finally ready to be delivered!


Soccer Table and virtual pinball well placed by the art pieces has created a playful ambience for family fun. 


 The Tour Soccer Table made in Italy in Satin White Finish.


The Artcade (Wall Mounted) arcade machine in gloss white finish. 


The VP Electronic Pinball Machine (Feedback Version) with custom design stickers. The most exciting features of the the VP is that it has feedback / vibration and nudging which makes playing extremely realistic and has more than 300+ different titles in 1 machine! The VP has combined the convenience of digital pinball with the incomparable feel of a real pinball table. 

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