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Where Style Meets Fun

For the casual observer, what immediately stands out in Ben's scandi-industrial themed playroom is the stark contrast between the minimalist, neutral-toned interior and the loud, bold 5-metre graffiti mural that he specially commissioned an artist to design.

His challenge was therefore to decide on gaming items that would complement both design considerations, and are as stylish as they are fun.

His solution - an equally impressive Brunswick Andover II shuffleboard. Placed parallel alongside the artwork, the classy 12-feet showpiece has a length that not only accentuates the visual lines of the mural, but also fills the spacious hall. The natural chestnut finish also helps provide a nice counterpoint to the colours on the mural.

A shuffleboard is a unique game - unlike darts or pool, it requires no special skills, so it’s quite the perfect team game for both gentlemen and ladies alike. But don’t be fooled by its simplicity - it takes real finesse and guess-timation skills to slide the puck hard enough to knock off your opponents’, but soft enough to keep it within the scoring zone!

To us, that perfect drinking game is made even better with alcohol served from Mr Ben’s huge bar counter that looks as posh as bars go. His home also comes complete with a mini cinema, complete with comfy movie chairs for up to a dozen folks, and huge cinematic screen!

And what better way to have a post-movie discussion than over a game of pool at his Brunswick Gold Crown VI pool table

While the streamlined appearance and brushed nickel rails that further add to the sleek, modern industrial look, we also love how bright red pool cloth gives a posh aesthetic. It is made even more conspicuous when illuminated by the overhead V-shaped light fittings.


Given the impressive showpieces, it's tempting to overlook the VP Electronic Pinball machine behind. However, the device holds its own just on playability alone.

Complete with an 49" high-res screen, LED Matrix lighting and ambient sounds, the advanced electronic system with its in-built motor and shakers makes it feel just like a mechanical pinball machine. For anyone who loves pinball and craves the joy of feeling every bump and vibration, you'd have to try it to believe it! 

While traditional machines only have one game, the VP also has an astounding 350+ games, ranging from Stern’s traditional classics to movie-themed favourites like Star Wars and Marvel.

So if you love Mr Ben’s home and are looking for a reliable games outfitter where style meets fun, Centrumleisure has Singapore’s widest range of gaming products for your every space and concept, so check out our offerings today!  

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