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Choosing the Perfect Pool Table Size


Whether you're a casual player or a seasoned pro, you'd want to choose the right pool table size depending on your playing needs. Whether it's for purposes of enjoyment or expertise, the right pool table dimensions can affect your playing experience. 

In this guide, we'll walk you through the various sizes available, and the factors to consider when selecting an ideal one.

Foremost, do note that our calculations are using American Pool Table sizing, which counts the internal play area and is measured from rail-to-rail (i.e not including the external dimensions with the frame, which vary slightly between manufacturers. English Pool on the other hand, counts from one end of the frame to the other).

Now that we've got that American Pool vs English Pool difference out of the way, it's time to go in detail about the various available pool table sizes! 


What are Standard Pool Table Sizes?

Pool tables typically range from 6 feet to 9 feet in length.

7-feet, 8-feet, and 9-feet tables represent the most common sizes, with each size offering unique advantages based on playing style, skill level, and available space.


1. 6ft Pool Tables (Small)

6ft tables refer to tables with a 6 x 3 feet playing area.

These smaller tables offer simpler shot execution and shorter cue ball travel distance for shots, and thus ideal for players who enjoy casual games. Being smaller, they are also perfect for tighter spaces.

A 6ft table's narrower width also makes it an ideal size for a dining pool table as there isn't a large distance between people, making for a cosier dining experience.

Best for: As they require less space, they make excellent choices to be placed in homes. With lower skill demanded, it's also more suitable for casual play over social gatherings.


2. 7ft Pool Tables (Mid-sized)

7ft tables refer to pool tables with a 7 x 3.5 feet playing area.

Mid-sized pool tables strike the best balance between play experience and space-saving. Although their reduced length help fit modern spaces easily, they still pose a challenge to pot the balls in.

Given this balance between play and space-saving, a 7ft table might be perfect pool dining table size. Renowned manufacturers like Aramith and Cornilleau only produce in this singular size, making it indicative of 7ft being the most ideal dining table size.

Best for: If you are looking for a pool table that offers the best of both worlds between play experience and space-saving - whether in your home, or a bar with space constraints - a 7ft table might be the best option.  


3. 8ft, 9ft Pool Tables (Large)

8ft tables refer to tables with a 8 x 4 feet playing area, while 9ft tables refer to tables with a 9 x 4.5 feet playing area.

Larger pool tables of 8ft and 9ft have a longer cue ball travel distance, and unsurprisingly offer more challenging gameplay. 

Indeed, 9ft pool tables represent the size used in pool competitions globally, and are therefore suitable for honing advanced techniques and strategies on these tables. 

While they offer a fuller pool experience, the size would be quite large for homes and small joints to accommodate.

Best for: Serious players or professionals who wish to improve their game, or bar and pool hall owners seeking a standard "bar sized' table for patrons to have a (semi) competitive game. Also perfect for homes and officers with large spaces or a wide pantry.


    How do I Decide on which Size?

    Now that you are aware of the sizes, why not take the following steps of assessing, measuring and testing?

    • Assess:¬†Ask yourself¬†the following on your¬†requirements:¬†
      • Playing style:¬†Is it space-saving and intended for¬†home?¬†
      • Skill level:¬†Is it for professional or casual Play?¬†
      • Available space: How much space do you have to play comfortably?
    • Measure the available space in your game room or designated area. Find out how much space you need to accommodate your desired size in this Room Size Guide.
    • Test: Pictures are great, but nothing beats testing a table for yourself! Visit local pool halls or¬†our showroom to¬†test different table sizes and¬†how they feel. You could also visit our pool table specialists to gain insight¬†as to which size best suits your intent.



        From 6-foot to 9-foot tables, choosing the right pool table size can max out your enjoyment and performance. Focus on factors such as playing style, skill level, and available space in your decision-making.

        Whether you're a casual player looking to unwind with friends or a seasoned pro, we hope these guidelines help you confidently select the ideal pool table size - enhance your playing experience, and elevate your game to new heights! 



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