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At Home With The Diner II - Centrum Leisure

At Home With The Diner II

No space? No problem!

For pool lovers like Keith and his wife, buying a pool table was the easy decision.

Their challenge? How to overcome space constraints in their HDB. And that’s when the couple got creative.

Their design of choice was the space-saving Diner II dining pool table in Blackwood finish that converts into a dining table - perfect for work, play and dining.

“We chose an 8-feet table instead of the 9-feet we initially wanted, as it’s still large enough for us to host a group for meals.

We even made some adjustments to our home layout for added playing comfort”, he shares.

And their favourite tip: using a trolley to store and access the dining tops, which easily slide under the pool table where there’s unused space!

Learn more about the Diner II here, our range of Dining Pool Tables here, or drop by our showroom for a try!

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