Holiday At Home

Holiday At Home


When we first stepped into Andre’s HDB apartment, we were impressed by how he and his wife carefully curated their furniture to achieve an elegant and mature wood-themed abode.

And at the centre of it was their 7-foot Holiday dining pool table. While the walnut finish perfectly adorned the nature-inspired walls and fixtures, the classy red cloth and marble-esque balls provided a regal counterpoint.

So how did he manage to achieve this concept given HDB space constraints?

He shares a couple of tips:

“Given the limited playing space between the table and the wall, you could opt for shorter cue lengths for optimal shooting distance.

“In addition, it’s easy to select the right table size but don’t forget to measure the playing space, which is equally important!”, he shares.

If you love the combination of fun, functionality, and style seen in Andre’s home, learn more about the Holiday table here, our range of Dining Pool Tables here, or drop by our showroom for a try!

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