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Space For Fun

There are homes that look like homes. And then there are homes that look like this.

With white, futuristic walls, arched corners and metallic trimmings, Aqil and his wife designed a space-age-inspired home we think RD-D2 would approve.

And the showpiece at the centre of the HDB apartment? A customised 7-foot Valentino dining pool table with an aluminium finish that not only creates an added sense of space through its reflective surface, but one that blends in perfectly with the white facade and warm lighting.

Besides the bespoke colour options, Aqil also fell in love with the V-shape leg design unique to the Valentino.

“Compared to the traditional four-legged table, the Valentino’s angled legs provide a modern, edgy feel that fits the futuristic theme of our home, and come in a stainless-steel finish that complements the metallic base colour. I also like that they are tapered and tucked inside so there’s extra legroom when playing from the corners.”

For me, it’s all about finding a comfortable playing space, and make it a cosy place for friends and family to chill out in”, he shares.

Indeed, with just a bit of imagination, a fun and beautiful HDB flat is possible. Learn more about the Valentino here, our range of Dining Pool Tables here, or drop by our showroom for a try!


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